Enhance Your Life Playing Therapy Puzzle & Game Apps

Improve your Focus, Patience, Persistence, Solving Skills, Logical Thinking, Hand-Eye Coordination and much more.

We Bring Life Improvement To You

We offer fresh, fun and engaging digital apps that use 2D and 3D puzzle technology to help Therapists and Educators bring life improvement to Patients and Students.

Our Puzzle and Game apps with increasing levels of difficulty can bring lots of value to people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Not only can these apps benefit people who are dealing with cognitive impairment but can also benefit anyone desiring to learn how to solve problems or improve their logical thinking skills.

These apps are also a lot of fun to play. Watch the overview video below for more information.

An introduction of 4D3d Therapy Puzzles

The short video below provides an overview of 4D3d Therapy Puzzles.
Watch it with your colleagues, your patients, your children and your friends.

To see how these Puzzle Apps and Games work, download and try the FREE Demo

For more information about 4D3d Therapy Puzzles view video trailers and view the Concept and Benefits videos here.